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Corporate Training

As a benefit to Recognized Corporate members, CLEP offers the opportunity to promote their logistics-related training programs. All courses listed on this page have been validated to meet CLEP’s standards of educational content.

ALE Workshop Series

ALE’s workshops have been developed to meet the varying needs of our clients. They cover the general field of logistics analysis, specialty analysis, and integrated logistics support. Upon request, ALE will develop or customize workshops to meet the specific needs of a client.

Workshops are offered on a regional basis, virtually, or as in-house training programs. When conducted for your company, the size of the group and the sample problems can be tailored to your specific programs. This method often results in the identification of cost avoidance opportunities that far exceed the cost of the workshop itself. The cost of a typical in-house workshop is less than sending five employees to a regional workshop, and the opportunities for staff development are much greater.

Whether regional, virtual, or in-house, our workshops are geared toward hands-on exercises that rapidly develop the participants’ understanding and working knowledge of the subject.

For further details on workshops offered by ALE or for any of your specialty analysis needs, please contact:

Stephen Brunner
Geographical LocationAddress: 6797 North High Street, Suite 324
Worthington, OH 43085-2598
Email Email:
For additional information about ALE:
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Website Website:

Download ALE’s 2021 catalog of training courses.

Logistics Training Via Web-conferencing

Posting date: April 14, 2020

Logistics management Associates (LMA) has announced that all logistics training courses in their catalog are now offered through Zoom, the online web conferencing tool. LMA offers a large catalog of courses:

  • Product Support Analysis and Logistics Product Data
  • Logistics Product Data
  • Performance Based Logistics & Contractor Logistics Support
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
  • Fundamentals of Logistics
  • Life Cycle Cost & Level of Repair Analysis
  • Provisioning and Supply Support
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Maintenance Engineering Analysis
  • Applied Systems Engineering for Logisticians
  • Management of Integrated Logistics Support
  • Configuration Management and Product Data Management
  • Spares Management & ASD S2000M

Here’s the way it works. Select the topics from any of the courses in the course catalog that fit your specific needs for current or future projects.  LMA will package the topics into 4-hour segments.  Course materials for the 4-hour segment are sent by email to the client point of contact who forwards the materials to all participants, typically the day prior to the training.  The Zoom session is conducted at an agreed time and day.

For more information please contact Mr. James V. Jones at

LMA’s Catalog of Standard Courses

Download LMA’s 2020 catalog of training courses.

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