Answers to frequently asked questions on the clep certification programs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Our collection of answers to frequently asked questions about CLEP’s Defense Industry Life-Cycle Logistics Certification Program, and related training topics.

CLEP Defense Industry Life-Cycle Logistics Certification Process

What is the purpose of CLEP Defense Industry Life-Cycle Logistics Certifications?

Our Passion is providing member-focused education and advocacy for the Defense industry logistics community. The CLEP certifications program is one avenue for providing professional training opportunities.

Is your CLEP certificated accredited?

We base our certification program on the Defense Acquisition University courses. These courses all carry continuing education units (CEU) and continuous learning points (CLP) that are recognized by most learning institutions. Our certifications document that the applicant has completed the necessary coursework, and has completed the necessary years of practical work experience, for the given level of certification. Our program provides the opportunity for people working in the defense logistics field, but not a Government worker filling a logistics billet, to gain the recognition for their education and work experience in the field of defense logistics. 

What factors does CLEP use to determine certification?

CLEP certification is based upon completing DAU coursework and demonstrated experience and performance working in the field of defense industry logistics. An unbiased team of CLEP officers and advisors reviews each application package. Final determination is made after weighing the mix of coursework and demonstrated experience against CLEP certification criteria.

Why is my certification only good for five years?

Requiring periodic recertification aligns with both the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and CLEP’s focus on continued learning and career development within the logistics engineering community. It’s not that your certification is invalid after five years, it is that CLEP wants to encourage continued professional development for our members working in a rapidly changing profession.

Does the $75 certification fee also include CLEP membership?

No, the certification fee is separate from CLEP annual membership. CLEP membership is a $50 annual fee, and provides a range of support and information beyond our certification program. If you are interested in learning about our membership benefits, please see our Membership Page.

If I already hold a DAWIA certification, can I transfer it to a CLEP re-certification?

Although CLEP aligns our certification with the DAWIA requirements, our certification requirements does have differences. If you hold a DAWIA certification, you may include this information in your certification application. But we will still need to see your DAU transcripts, resume, and endorsement letter in your certification application.

Will CLEP accept my current DAWIA Life-cycle Logistics Certification for a CLEP certification?

If you have earned a DAWIA Life-cycle Logistics certification through DAU, CLEP will certify you at the same LCL level. You will still need to submit an application with an acceptable letter of recommendation, your resume, payment of the fee, and verification of the DAWIA certification. Verification of DAWIA certification either be a copy of the certificate, or a note in the letter of recommendation attesting to your certification.

Who can apply for CLEP Defense Industry – Life Cycle Logistics Certification?

CLEP certifications are open to anyone working in logistics in the U.S. defense logistics industry.

Do I need to be an American citizen to apply for certification?

CLEP’s certification program is based on Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses. Due to network security issues, a person applying to take DAU courses must have either a Common Access Card (CAC), Employee Identification Number (EIN), or a Foreign Identification Number (FIN) to gain access to the courses. For more information on this, please see DAU Account Creation Process for Foreign Local Nationals (FLN), Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and NATO.

Why do I have to be logged in to the CLEP website to see the certification and recertification application pages?

CLEP certification programs are only available to CLEP members in good standing. All members gain login access to the CLEP website, which also gives them access to a range of other benefits such as the ability to post discussions on our forums and publish blog posts. If you are interested in becoming a member, please see our Membership Page.

Continuing Education Units and Continuous Learning Points

What are Continuing Education Units (CEU)?

A CEU is a unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions. The International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET) are the governing body for CEUs. In 2006, IACET became an ANSI Standard Development Organization (SDO) and in 2007 the IACET criteria and guidelines for the CEU became an ANSI/IACET Standard. IACET authorizes educational providers to award the IACET CEUs. DAU is one of those institutions.

What are Continuous Learning Points (CLP)?

CLPs are points awarded for successful completion of Continuous Learning activities, and are required for members of the DoD Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW). Generally speaking ten CLPs translates to one CEU. DAW members are required to meet the goal of 40 CLPs each year or a mandatory requirement of 80 CLPs within two years. CLEP has a requirement of 80 CLPs every five years to maintain certification.

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