CLEP Life-Cycle Logistics Certification

CLEP offers a straightforward certification program based on the DAU training courses, which are freely available to most U.S. defense acquisition workforce personnel. Our certification program is open to all CLEP members in good standing.

About DAU

CLEP – Defense Industry Life-Cycle Logistics Certifications

One on-going problem for professionals working in defense logistics is the difficulty in obtaining meaningful professional certifications. Currently, certifications are those offered directly to Department of Defense (DoD) personnel or non-DoD government workers through the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), assigned to an acquisition coded position, as well as select military officers whose career development will include assignment to acquisition coded positions. However, once these members leave government service their certifications are revoked.

Although there is a tremendous need for defense logistics certifications to document professional expertise among DoD contractors and other defense industry personnel, to date there has been nothing available. This puts industry professionals in an increasingly more difficult situation, as logistics certifications are increasingly demanded for government acquisition workforce personnel.

CLEP offers a solution.

CLEP offers a certification program focused on the occupational standards and qualifications for life-cycle logistics in the U.S. defense industry. We offer three certification levels:

  • Level I – Junior Logistician
  • Level II – Intermediate or Journeyman Logistician
  • Level III – Advanced or Senior Logistician

How Our Program Works

Simply go to the DAU website and complete the courses required for a given level of life-cycle certifications. Forward your course completion documents to CLEP, along with proof of work experience (as defined in our Certification Process) and CLEP will issue a certification for that given level.