CLEP Training Opportunities

CLEP was formed with the goal of offering professional training to the logistics engineering community. We proudly offer several types of training resources.

CLEP Life-Cycle Logistics Certification

CLEP Defense Life-cycle Logistics Certifications

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is the premiere training organization for Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition professionals, and their logistics programs are a significant part of their training catalog.

CLEP awards certifications to members who complete academic qualifications and selected DAU classes. Work experience is also reviewed based upon resume and company endorsement letter. For more information on our CLEP Certification program, please see our Information Page.

CLEP Defense Life-cycle Logistics Re-certification

Our CLEP Defense Life-cycle Logistics Certifications program includes a robust but attainable recertification requirement designed to encourage continued professional development. This recertification is your validation that a professional logistician holding a CLEP certification, at any level, demonstrates continued development in their chosen career.

For more information on our recertification program please see our Information Page.

Continuous Learning
Corporate Training

Corporate Training Programs

CLEP works with recognized corporate members to promote their professional training programs. These programs include self-paced on-line courses, and instructor-led multi-day courses. Please visit our CLEP Corporate Training Page to view course catalogs and the companies offering the training.

Logistician’s Reading List

Of course, CLEP also offers continual learning in the form of a recommended reading list. Our list is based on course reference books used in corporate training programs and university studies. Many senior logisticians have one or more of these books in their personal libraries. Please see our Recommended Reading List.

A Lot of Books to Read