In addition to our Certification Programs CLEP is also creating an information center of logistics resources. We currently offer the following:


CLEP organized our first virtual workshop in November 2021. This event was two half-days of presentations by noted logisticians within the defense industry. This event featured a total of ten presentations with an opportunity, after each presentation, to have a sidebar questions and answers session. Based on the overwhelming positive reception we received from participants, and our presenters, CLEP is working to host half-day workshops on a periodic basis.

Workshops are a paid event, and CLEP members in good standing receive a discounted rate. Webinars are promoted through our monthly newsletters with special announcements leading up to the event. These workshops are recorded but recording archives are only available to CLEP members

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Although not-yet-award-winning, our blog page features a collection of blog posts on a variety of topics. Our posts include the editor’s blog and president’s blog posts, offering insight into CLEP activities and plans. Other posts include insight from senior logisticians willingly sharing their insights and challenges.

Did You Know ?

All CLEP members have the ability to submit blog posts to our editors. Upon logging in, your personal profile page includes a blog submission on the right-hand side. You can even attach images or other files to your post submission. All blog post submissions are reviewed by CLEP editors, if accepted, your post will be published on the blog page under your byline.


CLEP hosts free monthly webinars of presentations by senior logisticians. These webinars are open to everybody, but the archives are only available to CLEP members in good standing. The upcoming webinars are announced via our monthly newsletter and on our events calendar page.

Webinars are typically one hour in length, scheduled during a mid-weekday, with time alloted afterwards for questions.

Interested in Becoming a Presenter?

CLEP is always looking for logisticians willing to share their expertise through a monthly webinar. If you have an idea for a webinar presentation please contact our Vice President of Education.

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CLEp has started a monthly newsletter the currently goes to over 3,400 opt-in subscribers. Each month we feature the latest blog posts, information on upcoming events, welcoming in new members, and a collection of links to the latest Defense Acquisition University (DAU) logistics articles.

In between monthly newsletters, we may also send out emails announcing new events or providing updates on developing events.

Open To Everyone

Our monthly newsletters and other emails are open to everyone on an opt-in basis. We do not sell or otherwise share your email with third-party organizations.

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Please Check Any Special Areas of Interest



CLEP is a registered 501K Non-Profit organization focused on training and education. All our board members are volunteers. As a growing organization, we are looking for additional volunteers to help with committees and organizing events.

Are you interested in:

  • Working hand in hand with a broad network of professionals and thought leaders?
  • Getting your name known as a Subject Matter Expert by sharing knowledge with the profession?
  • Directly impacting the education and growth of future Logistics Engineers?
  • Giving back to the present-day community of Logistics Engineers?

We Need You!

CLEP is growing and looking for volunteers to help take us through 2022 and beyond! We’re looking for support in the following areas:

  • Planning Committee. We need volunteers to help the planning committee schedule events and maintain the events calendar.
  • Education Initiatives. If you want to make an impact on the organization look no further than the Education Initiatives. We need Senior Logistics Engineers to support our Defense Industry Life-Cycle Logistician program.
  •  Operations Committee. As we move to organize periodic workshops and the annual symposium, we need volunteers for everything from graphic design to moderating rooms.

If you want to share your knowledge there are two programs which might benefit from your experience:

  • Lunch N’ Learn Monthly Webinars. We’re looking for subject matter experts to share their knowledge with their peers and younger logisticians.
  • Newsletter and Blog submissions. If you enjoy writing and are looking for a forum to share ideas with a large membership, this for you!

If interested in becoming a volunteer, please e-mail or and we’ll connect you to the committee leaders! We’ve got a lot of great things coming. Are you ready to help shape the future?

Volunteers Wanted
Volunteers Wanted

If Interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact: