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Volume One Number Five
August 9, 2021
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Save The Date! Upcoming Virtual Workshop


Our virtual workshop, now scheduled for October 12 and 13, is looking great. Workshops will be held from 1300 to 1715 EST each day. This year's theme is "Supportability and Logistics Engineering - Advances and Applications Workshop."


We have a number of speakers lined up to present current information on logistics engineering management. You’ll find this information of the utmost relevance for your immediate use in your company or business. These presenters span multiple organizations and backgrounds of various degrees.


We will be opening registration for our workshop very soon. Registration is free for all CLEP members, non-members are asked to pay $60, which gains access to all seminars for the two-day event. 


Recent Blog Posts

Editor's Blog: Interview with U.S. Coast Guard Logistician Dan Eustace
I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Dan Eustace, senior Logistician at the United States Coast Guard Asset Project Office. Dan has been recognized as Coast Guard Life-Cycle Logistician…
The Future is Here - Technology Enablers for Maintenance Optimization
Vijay Chachra describes how his company, Andromeda Systems Inc., has been able to leverage the power of Internet of Things (IoT) for maintenance optimization. By partnering with PTC to leverage…
A Fun look at the Benefits of Failure Analysis in the Design of Assets
Caution! A sense of humor is required ahead! This article discusses an extremely controversial topic: failure! Perhaps failure isn’t necessarily controversial. The topic tends to stroke the sensitivities of reliability…

Webinar Schedule


There are no webinars scheduled for August, September, or October. In October CLEP will be hosting a two-day event comprising a number of exciting virtual workshops and presentations. Our regular monthly webinar schedule will resume starting November 2021.

Call For Papers


It's not too late to sign up to do a presentation for our two-day virtual workshop, October 12 and 13. If interested, please contact Dr. Gerard Ibarra at [email protected] 

New CLEP Members For July

CLEP is honored to welcome two new members in July:

  • Mr. Kevin J. Wingham. Kevin is an employee of Raytheon, working in the United Kingdom.
  • Mr. Graham Billa. Graham is the Procurement Officer for C.K Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Navrongo, Ghana.

CLEP members have access to our opt-in members directory. All members may create a profile and upload their photo for networking with other logistics professionals. Your profile is accessible when you log into your CLEP account

Publication Availability

The government publication SD-22,  "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages: A Guidebook of Best Practices for Implementing a Robust DMSMS Management Program," published January 2021 by the Defense Standardization Program Office, is discussed in-depth in this DAU article. This government publication is free, and approved for public release with unlimited distribution. You may download a copy from here.

Technical Articles

This month's technical articles are posts from the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) website.

Acquisition Sustainability Within a Globalized Industrial Base

Just how did the Defense Industrial Base morph into a globalized industrial base, and what are the implications?

Contingency Planning: Stuff Happens, Including Pandemics— Don’t Just Wait For It!

All contingency plans need to have built-in “tripwires” or planned responses that allow managers to execute when predetermined criteria are met.

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