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Volume One Number Four
July 14, 2021
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Editor's Blog: Supply Chains in the Age of Disasters
Can your company's supply chain manage several month's shortage of key components? How about a sudden loss of twenty-five percent of your workforce? Our world seems to be lurching from…
Veteran Desk Side Chat: How Do You Translate Your Military Logistics Experience into Logistics Engineering Roles?
Jon Hatch discusses how to translate military experience into civilian logistics job positions. Jon also discusses logistics certification programs available to people transitioning from military to civilian careers.
Don’t Fall for Those Traps
Dr. Gerard Ibarra discusses two decision-making traps that may lead to developing ineffective decisions; overconfidence and recallability. Included are techniques to avoid these potential traps.

Webinar Schedule


There are no webinars scheduled for July, August, or September. In September CLEP will be hosting a two-day event comprising a number of exciting virtual workshops and presentations. Our regular monthly webinar schedule will resume starting October 2021.

Upcoming CLEP Virtual Workshop News
CLEP Will be hosting a virtual workshop September 8th 12:30 – 17:15 EST and 9th 13:00 – 17:15 EST. This Year’s Theme is "Supportability and Logistics Engineering - Advances and…

Call For Papers


CLEP is looking for papers and presenters for our two-day virtual workshop, September 8 - 9. If interested, please contact Dr. Gerard Ibarra at [email protected]

New Corporate Member


CLEP is proud to announce that Lockheed Martin Corporation is now a CLEP corporate member.


You may view a complete list of members on our Corporate Members page. Information on becoming a corporate member is also available. 


New CLEP Board of Advisors Member

CLEP is honored to welcome a new Board of Advisors member, Mr. Mike "Bo" Gourley. Mike is a Project Engineering Principal within Lockheed Martin's Corporate Engineering & Technology Logistics & Sustainment.  

For a complete list of CLEP officers and Board of Advisors, please see our CLEP Leadership Team page. 

Publication Availability

The government publication SD-22,  "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages: A Guidebook of Best Practices for Implementing a Robust DMSMS Management Program," published January 2021 by the Defense Standardization Program Office, is discussed in-depth in this DAU article. This government publication is free, and approved for public release with unlimited distribution. You may download a copy from here.

Technical Articles

This month's technical articles are posts from the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) website.

Model-Based Engineering for Product Support

Use of predictive analysis and modeling to improve system availability and reliability is a statutory responsibility of a product support manager (PSM). With today’s weapon systems largely designed (or modified) using Model-Based Engineering (MBE), three-dimensional (3D) models should figure prominently in carrying out this responsibility.

Be Strategic! Leverage Technology Insertion and Refreshment on DMSMS Issues

The SD-22, "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages: A Guidebook of Best Practices for Implementing a Robust DMSMS Management Program," from the Defense Standardization Office, provides guidance for determining resolutions for diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) issues and how to program and budget for those resolutions.

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