Root Cause Analysis — A Primer

Tim Surabian—VP Administration & Communications;

Capital equipment and military systems experiences performance issues, including functional failures, randomly throughout its life cycle. The causes of these issues vary from ineffective design, product defects, improper assembly, operation, maintenance, or servicing to name a few possible causes. Most organizations with capital equipment seek to sustain equipment health, identifying performance trends, and employing disciplined methods and tools to identify and resolve performance problems. Root cause analysis (RCA) provides a set of methodologies to resolve problems. The goal of RCA is to identify what and how a failure event occurred, as well as why it occurred to develop corrective actions to eliminate underlying causes and preclude the same failure event from occur-ring in the future. RCA is an integral activity within a Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). A FRACAS provides the closed-loop framework and processes to enable problem resolution. RCA is one set of resolution activities within this framework. RCA uses a systematic approach to mitigate the recurrence of repetitive failures in an individual piece of equipment, in various pieces of equipment in a system or subsystem, or failures of the same or similar components in different systems or subsystems.

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Organizational Capability Model for Logistics Engineering

While there are many variations and flavors of logistics engineering practices, the objective of this document is to establish a baseline foundation, or framework, to help build a more refined evaluation process that can then be tailored to the specific needs of individual logistics engineering organizations. The overall goal in offering this unique guide lies with the hope that it will help facilitate the progress and growth of practicing logistics engineering organizations currently operating in both industrial and government sectors.Organizational Capability Maturity Model.

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