CLEP’s management philosophy and organizational structure is focused on the educational and professional needs of its Membership. CLEP’s organization is comprised of three tiers; Chapters, Regions and the National Organization. CLEP’s Chapters are the basic building block of our organization. Chapters are formed by men and women from both Government and Industry who share common interests. CLEP Chapters may be formed in a locality, or in a virtual environment. Chapter activities may include officer training, monthly meetings, virtual meetings, local training programs and¬†participation in activities with other Chapters, Regions, the CLEP National Organization and other strategic partners.

CLEP has established Regions based on geographic considerations, and named Regional Advocates to coordinate the activities of the Sections operating within its defined geographic area, as well as with other Regions and the National Organization. CLEP’s National Organization coordinates activities at the National, Regional and Chapter Levels as appropriate to meet legal and financial requirements, as well as our Membership, Programs and Educational activities and responsibilities.

Please consider contacting your local chapter. CLEP is more than happy to help you form a Chapter if one is not available in your area. Also, if you wish to serve at either the Region or National Organization level, please contact the VP, Membership.


The Council of Logisics Engineering Professionals (CLEP) is a 501(c)(3) Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.