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board of clepmembers

The Founders of CLEP


A Logistics Engineer is a professional practitioner who possesses the knowledge and demonstrated skills required for successful application of scientific and mathematical principles, quantitative and qualitative analysis and deductive reasoning to develop and implement solutions to practical problems in the discipline of logistics. Logistics Engineering is the professional engineering discipline responsible for the integration of support considerations in the design and development; test and evaluation; production and/or construction; operation; maintenance; and the ultimate disposal/recycling of systems and equipment. Additionally, this discipline defines and influences the supporting infrastructure for these systems and equipment (i.e., maintenance, personnel, facilities, support equipment, spares, supply chains, and supporting information/data). The practice of logistics engineering is exercised throughout the system life-cycle by conducting the iterative process of supportability analysis and the accomplishment of trade-off studies to optimize costs and system, logistics, and performance requirements.

Education is the Cornerstone of the Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals (CLEP).

Our Passion is providing Member-focused Education and Advocacy for the Logistics Community


Advance the Logistics Engineering profession through education, mentoring and outreach. Disseminate the interdisciplinary principles of Supportability to Industry and Government. Collaborate with others to strengthen shared values, processes and capabilities.